A Sharpened Focus on Hotel Owners’ Interests Prompts AHA Hotel Consulting to Add Principals

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Atlanta, GA – AHA Hotel Consulting has long stood apart from other consulting firms in the eyes of hotel owners due to their results-driven and hands-on approach to asset management. With the recent addition of industry veterans Larry McAfee and Mark Hindle, the company is poised for rapid portfolio expansion to meet growing demand. The timing is ideal as hotel owners are seeking consultants to be their advocates now more than ever before. On an owner’s behalf, AHA addresses often-overlooked issues such as a significant drop in group business, staffing shortages, and the decreased availability and attention of management companies.

Key driving forces behind the ever-increasing need for a hotel asset manager/consultant are pandemic-fueled. The global pandemic dictates a property-specific approach to attaining ownership’s financial goals. For example, the recent consolidation of hotel management companies has created a correlating client demand for personal attention to their assets. In addition, the over-reliance on OTAs such as Expedia and Travelocity to achieve revenue goals is a one-dimensional approach; hotels need a multi-faceted, dynamic plan in order to break the cycle of quick profits that lead to long-term losses.

In a recent interview, Managing Principal Tom Baker emphasizes what makes AHA successful, “While each plan is different and customized to the client, AHA always begins by conducting a thorough operations and accounting audit to gain the necessary insight into a hotel’s current financial situation. From this examination, AHA generally implements weekly revenue generation strategies, labor staffing plans, cash flow forecasts and, if necessary, a detailed debt restructuring plan to smooth the way for rapid results.”

About AHA Hotel Consulting

AHA Hotel Consulting is a full-service hospitality consulting firm specializing in hotel, project, and asset management. With a combined total of a century of hospitality industry experience, AHA’s leadership has the knowledge capital necessary to align profits with owners’ expectations. Their customized strategies emphasize the personality and character of a hotel or resort’s respective market while proactively addressing common and uncommon challenges facing hotel owners. With the goal of maximizing returns for investors and hotel ownership, AHA has made a name for themselves as a trusted partner in the hospitality industry.

Learn more about AHA’s approach and leadership by visiting ahahotelconsulting.com or by contacting Principal Tom Baker at [email protected] or 469-576-1641.

Press release by Incite Response.

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